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Arcaya Serum MesOrange Cabinetware, 30ml

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MesOrange 30ml - Cabinetware, not for sale -
MEDICAL BEAUTY - Schönheitsrezept für ein neues Zeitalter

MesOrange is a highly developed medical beauty serum based on minerals, rare B vitamins and orange blossom oil. Minerals such as zinc, calcium and copper increase cell activity and have a special refill effect:
small wrinkles are simply mirrored away. The precious vitamins B3, B6 and B7 (niacinamide, pyridoxine and biotin) activate and support the cell structure, strengthen the cell structure and provide intensive moisture. MesOrange thus controls the aging process of the skin, fills it with moisture. MesOrange thus controls the aging process of the skin, fills it with moisture and provides it with a natural and effective way to restore the skin's elasticity.

Apparativ - depending upon skin need 1 to 2 pipette fillings on face and neck apply and work in. manually - 1/2 pipette filling on face and neck apply and massage in.

Mesotherapy is a form of treatment in which active ingredients are placed deep in the skin. Meso-cosmetics can support this treatment specifically. Ultrasound treatments can also have a strong influence on the effect of the product. The permeability of the skin barrier and the cell membranes is increased. Cells can absorb more moisture and small molecule active ingredients reach the skin faster and deeper.

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